Steam breaks concurrent player record as gamers stay indoors due to coronavirus outbreak

Steam sets a new record for concurrent users online, As Schools, Colleges, Offices Close Down due to Coronavirus outbreak

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Yesterday evening, Steam brushed past 20 Million concurrent Steam users mark to settle at a new record high of 20,313,476 concurrent users. This new record is in tandem with people asked to self-quarantine themselves and work from home, due to which more and more people have turned towards gaming.

Steam has the biggest games library and offers hundreds if not thousands of free-2-play games. Steam is also home to various AAA games and leading developers. Currently, the game with most users on steam is CS:GO, which reached more than 1 Million concurrent players mark for the first time since its release in August 2012.

According to Steam Stats, more than 6.2 million players were in-game when steam breached 20 Million concurrent users mark. Although the record for the highest number of in-game players at a time still stands at more than 7 Million, a feat which was achieved in 2018 when PUBG was new to Steam. Going by the pattern we can expect this record to soon be broken and we might even see a new record of more than 8 Million players in-game.

Coronavirus is still at large and a worldwide emergency has been called upon by WHO. As more countries undergo lockdown and work from home becomes a norm, more people are expected to log-in into gaming to pass time and entertain themselves.

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