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CSGO Player Base Reaches an All Time High With Over 1,000,000 Players

CS:GO reaches 1,000,000 peak players

CS:GO has seen some exponential growth in its player base recently. Its steady climb back to glory has been nothing but a jaw-dropping journey in itself for the fans. Valve’s signature FPS game kept breaking its own player base records with the influx of players since it was made a F2P title.

The good news comes in as CS:GO has officially crossed 1,000,000 concurrent players on steam’s player base charts. A remarkable achievement that was previously held by DOTA 2 has now been challenged by CS:GO which is currently on the rise. The steady growth of the game can be equated to many factors including the revival of the operation pass, frequent game balancing updates and Valve’s decision to make it a free to play game.

The gap created after the sudden fall in the player base of DOTA 2 seems to have been quickly taken up by CS:GO. Regardless of a lot of competition coming in the form of new interesting titles, CS:GO has consistently held on to its player base and has remained an evergreen FPS title for its fans. This achievement will no wonder lay a new milestone for the game and prove that the big daddy of FPS has still got more in him.


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