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Gamers Guide: Make your Coronavirus Quarantined Time Productive

“Tough times ahead!” Yeah, that’s what every social animal is rebuking amidst the coronavirus pandemic. However, the stage, or rather your comfort seat beside the computer, is set. This is an interval to achieve the nostalgic merry sitting in front of your computer or console for hours and binge. Grind, grind & grind! A vast majority of the population is under lockdown, quarantine or under more severe circumstances and the ones that are blessed until now, face a plausible probability to encounter a similar state of affairs until the scientists discover a vaccine or a way to seize the pandemic outbreak.

Earlier this week, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID-19 as a pandemic – a disease spread across the globe. China, the epicenter of coronavirus is perhaps under a tight rein, though the virus has fostered the rest of the world under an immense menace. As of now, 155,829 are affected by coronavirus while 5,814 have passed away. Coronavirus is inclined to affect people over the age of 50 or those suffering from other diseases.

The gamers, thumping teenagers and millennials are apparently less likely to be affected by the virus according to experts. However, the younger population can transmit the virus to senior citizens or those suffering from other diseases. Hence, even though you are under minimal threat, you need to take precise prevention to not let the virus spread through. Here’s how you can spend your quarantined time most effectively.

Clean your PC

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Let us begin by admitting that we gamers are a bunch of lazy lads who would sit beside the desktop for hours but when it comes to rinsing (even bathing), we are hindmost. Since, a majority of us shall study or work from home amid the lockdown, cleaning our PC should be the foremost choice to begin with. Pick up a drenched cloth and begin by washing your mechanical keyboard, monitor, cabinet, etc. Heck, if I were you, I would further re-assemble my cabinet and get through the cable management.

Watch esports tournaments

Even though ESL One: Los Angeles Dota 2 major might have been postponed due to the outbreak, there are a couple of Counter-Strike events with blazing action. Its foremost franchised league Flashpoint 1 is underway at present while ESL Pro League Season 11 will commence tomorrow. Rocket League Championship Series Season 9 Regional Qualifiers are in progress. Never miss the action!

Watch esports documentary!

To get beneath and get a true sense of an industry insider, documentaries are real assets. They take us through the soul of the events while successively enhancing the real spirit and enthusiasm. Here are a bunch of documentaries to watch while you are exhausted playing video games:

True Sight:

A documentary that highlights the scenic journey of professional Dota 2 attendees at The International.

League of Legends Origins:

A comprehensive account of League of Legends from ‘free demo to global esports titan’.

7 Days Out Episode 6:

Behind the scenes archive on League of Legends Championship Series Spring 2018.

CSGO Player Profiles:

Valve produces a couple of documentaries prior to each Counter-Strike major to highlight the journey of young, talented and distinguished players.

Explore the store

Go through Steam Store, Epic Store, Origin or Uplay to pick out the best titles comparing the reviews and feedback by fellow gamers. Several games of your choice might be discounted if you are blessed. If you are broke, free to play games can also be your companion or you might wish to try out the games you purchased years ago and haven’t played much.

Newly released Call of Duty: Warzone is attracting an enormous player base. The game was played by over 6,000,000 people within 24 hours of the launch. The best part about it? It’s free to play!

See you on the better side of things. Until then, take care of you & your loved ones.

Bhavya Shah
Bhavya Shahhttp://talkesport.com
Bhavya is an esports enthusiast who's been living video games since boyhood. First-person shooters are his inclinations.
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