Fnatic’s frontrunner and CSGO legend Olofmeister expressed his views on Virtus.Pro’s byali, saying he is the best player in the world right now.

After ELEAGUE Major 2017, where fnatic only managed to get into the semi-finals following their defeat versus Astralis. The Swedish organization looked disappointed with the results, as since they are undergoing roster changes, nothing as of yet compatibly suits the – once best team in the world.

Ever since Olof had wrist injury back in the previous year, Fnatic couldn’t rise back to their optimum level. To make things worse, fnatic’s core also moved to GODSENT following a team shuffle between the two of Swedish organization.

The appreciation comes in after Virtus.Pro almost defeated Astralis in both the maps they lost, with holding the highest number of clutch rounds cutting in his team’s favor, Snax was considerably the best player in the world according to Olof.

Snax had 262 kills, compared to his 186 deaths. K/D ratio of over 1.20. Snax had a total of eight clutches in the ELEAGUE Major 2017. HLTV.org named Snax as the 5th best player in the world behind, FalleN, Coldzera, device and S1mple.