The dust has finally settled at the Swedish Counter Strike after weeks of speculations over the anticipated shuffle between Godsent and Fnatic. Both the Swedish organization entered into an agreement earlier when they traded in a similar and consented manner.

JW, Flusha and Krimz left fnatic in the year 2016, following “rising contradictions” within the organization. Krimz, however, was the first one to return home replacing Lekr0. The shuffle which occurred on 15th of August, 2016, didn’t bring great results for both the organization. Fans, professionals and everybody else were playing the same rhythm after the disband was officially made public on Twitter.

Fnatic’s cArn earlier denied any roster change according to a report by SlingShot Esports, but today made an official statement:

Today we are announcing the return of JW and Flusha, who will reunite with Dennis, Krimz and Olofmeister with immediate effect. Needless to say, the aftermath of the team’s split in August came with many challenges and although we have shown great promise of late, we are confident that the revival of our old line-up will accelerate our journey towards once again being the best Counter-Strike franchise in the World. 

Speaking about challenges, we have just entered the most competitive year of esports and we appreciate that it’s not only about tackling our rivals in-game, but also about maintaining harmony within our group. I believe I speak for all our players when I say that the past months have been a time of many learnings, and the opportunity we once again get will not be taken for granted. I would like to use this moment to thank twist and disco doplan for their awesome contributions to our team and organisation, and I wish them and Godsent the best of luck in the future!

Godsent’s pronax, who also was one of the fnatic’s and their IGL, had to say:

We are extremely excited about today’s swap and have looked forward to presenting the new line-up including Joakim “disco doplan” Gidetun and Simon “twist” Eliasson. We’re building a new, energetic and hungry team and both players are perfect fits for us and the way we want to play. Our ambition is to grow as a team and to play a major role in all tournaments, we take part in, and we feel that the new combination is a major step in this direction. We wish JW and flusha all the best and thank Fnatic for making this work out. We look forward to the future clashes between the two teams.

This will definitely a homecoming for both the players as fnatic’s era and legendary run with their these five were addressed to be one of the greatest and most successful lineups of all time.

Fnatic now has: Olofmeister, dennis, Krimz, Flusha and JW

Godsent now has: Lekr0, pronax, twist, disco doplan, znajder