Skyepsports Champions Series Group Stage Day 2 Recap


The second day of the Skyesports Champions Series Group stage started with a bang with exciting dominating valorant for the opening matches for both groups.

The winners of yesterday were surely playing with confidence and had the momentum in their favor whilst the losers surely tried resetting from yesterday and come back to be in a favorable position.  

Group A

  • Team Valor 0-2 Enigma Gaming
  • Global Esports 1-2 Revenant Esports
  • Prime 5 2-0 Khumbu Esports

Group B

  • Orangutan 2-0 Exceeli Esports
  • Union Gaming 0-2 Full Power Gaming
  • Reckoning Esports 1-2 Velocity Gaming

Match 1: Orangutan 2-0 Exceeli Esports

With a strong start yesterday, Orangutan started the day on their map pick of Icebox and carried on the momentum of day 1 to day 2 winning the first half 10-2 on defense and converting it 13-3 win in the second half.

On Ascent, Exceeli’s map pick, Orangutan again dominated Exceeli as defense winning the half 10-2 and losing only the pistol and follow-up in the second half closing the game 13-4, winning the series and are now 2-0 in their group. Tesseract was the MVP for the series with 302 ACS.

Exceeli has a must-win game tomorrow against Full-power gaming, if they lose they’d fail to qualify for the Main event Lan.

Match 2: Team Valor 0-2 Enigma 

Enigma utterly dominated the Team Valor on their map pick of Split winning the first half 11-1 and closing it 13-1. 

On the second map, Icebox, Team Valor’s map pick, Enigma managed to suppress Valor’s attack and limited them to only 4 rounds, and on offense didn’t drop a single round to win the series 2-0. Excali again put up a 315 ACS performance along with Rvk’s 305 to easily close out the series.

Enigma is 2-0 in their group while Team Valor is 0-2 putting them in a stressful position where they have an elimination game tomorrow against Khumbu who themselves are 0-2.

Match 3: Global Esports 1-2 Revenant Esports

The third game of the day, between Global and Revenant, was one of the most exciting and thrilling games to watch, Map 1, Haven, Global’s Map pick worked out in the favor of Revenant with Revenant winning the map 13-4 on the back of Knightrider’s Jett with 23 kills and 350 ACS. 

While Revenant’s map pick of Split was taken by Global Esports, with global winning it 13-6 with Skrossi and skillz being the top performers. 

The decider fracture was a close affair too with both teams being neck to neck and splitting the half 7-5 in the favor of Global Esports. Though despite the 9-5 deficit, on defense Revenant managed to close out the map 13-11 and win the series 2-1, pulling an upset over Global eSports.KnightRider’s combined ACS of 255 and 54 kills were the force behind the upset

Global eSports are now 1-1 while Revenant are 2-0 in the group and if they win tomorrow’s match they are surely qualifying for main event LAN. 

Match 4: Prime 5 2-0 Khumbu Esports

Both of these teams had lost their opening matches and needed to bounce back today, with Bind as the opening map, being Khumbus map pick was a close affair in the first half splitting right in the middle 6-6, but then Prime 5, on the attack, won the game 13-9. 

The Second map was similar with the first half ending on 6-6, Though Prime 5 managed to close it out 13-8 on their defense. Asitte’s 243 combined ACS game was the MVP-worthy performance but most of the prime 5 showed up making it a combined effort.

Khumbu now faces tournament exit at 0-2 while Prime 5 bounces back after day 1 loss to be on 1-1. 

Match 5: Union Gaming 0-2 Full Power Gaming

Despite the adversities and worsening conditions in Sri Lanka, Union Gaming showed up for the match, kudos to them, though the results weren’t in their favor, they manage to put up a great effort against Full power gaming. 

On the first map, Union’s pick of Split had a 6-6 first half and despite a fighting effort on their attack, Union lost the game 9-13.

Fullpower proved why they pick bind by winning the half 9-3 and closing it out 13-6 on the attack in the second half. Storax ends the match on a combined ACS of 336 and drops a 50 bomb in just 2 maps. 

With this victory Full power is 1-1 in the group, Union is still fighting and would face reckoning tomorrow to stay in the running for LAN main event. 

Match 6: Reckoning Esports 1-2  Velocity Gaming

After the thriller that was Revenant vs GE, no one expected such an insanely close game between reckoning and VLT, Though both teams had won their opening matches VLT came into the game as favorites to win by many. 

Haven, Velocity gaming’s pick, had both teams fighting tooth and nail with both teams winning 6 rounds each in the first half and second, and became the first game of the Group stage to continue till Overtime, In OT, both teams managed to keep their poise but Reckoning managed to close the game 17-15 in the both OT. 

On the backfoot and Reckoning’s map pick, it was clear that VLT aren’t the ones to back down, and despite a 7-5 deficit on defense in the first half, managed to close out the game 13-9 on the backs of spectacular performances from Deathmaker and mw1. 

The decider Icebox was expected to be a close one, given both maps were so neck and neck but VLT being VLT, on defense won the first half 9-3, and only lost 2 rounds in the second half to win the game 13-5 and closing the series 2-1. Deathmaker was the MVP of the series with a 303 ACS,76 kill series. 

With this Velocity Gaming are now 2-0 in the group they’d face orangutan and whoever wins qualifies for the main event LAN. Whilst Reckoning is 1-1 and would try to win the remaining games. 

Day 2 of the Skyesports Champions series group stage thus concluded with Enigma and Orangutan topping their respective groups with 2-0, While Revenant and VLT came in on 2nd positions with 2-0 but less Round Delta, Khumbu, Team Valor, Union gaming, and Exceeli esports are on the bottom and face tournament elimination if they lose tomorrow. 

The day sure had some thrillers and would I hope it continues to be so for the rest of the three days as well. For now, another exciting day of Valorant comes to an end, Good luck to the teams for their matches tomorrow.