Apart from in-game cosmetic items, the new Fortnite 20.40 update introduced a few new quests into the popular battle royale game. The Volcanic Assassin pack contains a few quests and one of them is igniting structures on the Fortnite map.

Keep reading this article till the end to know how to ignite structures in Fortnite.

How to ignite structures in Fortnite?

For this quest, firstly, you need a Firefly Jar. Once you collect fireflies anywhere on the map, they will automatically be added to your inventory.

Then you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • On the map, find out fireflies near trees and rivers.
  • Interact with them to collect them.
  • Then go near a structure and throw the firefly jar at it.

To complete the Volcanic Assassin quest, you need to ignite a total of 100 structures and for that, you need six firefly jars. Once you complete the quest, numerous in-game cosmetic items such as Tectonic Komplex Outfit, Fiery Jam Back Bling, Sulfuric Street Shine PIckaxe, and Fiery Flow Wrap will be added to your inventory as rewards.

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