Sick retires from competitive CSGO to pursue Valorant

Feeling incredibly stale and tedious, Hunter "Sicks" Mims takes a step back from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to pursue a career in Riot Games' new first person shooter (FPS) – Valorant.

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After being benched from Complexity Gaming to make way for the juggernaut, Hunter “SicK” Mims has taken a step back from competitive Counter-Strike. 21-year-old has taken a turn in his career comparatively early. Being played roughly about 800 official maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, he feels the game has become “stale and tedious” for him.

Hunter has been playing top tier Counter-Strike since he was 16-year-old and has represented prominent organizations like TSM, Misfits, Rogue and Complexity. He was then regarded as one of the finest revelations of North-America’s Counter-Strike scene. However, presently his career is in uncharted territory after being benched from Complexity Gaming and standing-in for several tier 2 teams.

He is not the first Counter-Strike professional to pursue a career in Valorant. Braxton “Brax” Pierce retired from Counter-Strike to chase Valorant as early as late February. He and his former Counter-Strike teammate Keven “AZK” Larivière are signed with prominent Dota 2 organisation T1.

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