The former CS:GO player for Cloud9 will be out of streaming for a while because he is being operated on his left elbow following an accident on his scooter.

Shroud announced on his Twitter that he will be away from Twitch for awhile. He tweeted “No stream today boys.. blame the scooter,” with a follow up tweet he clarified that a scooter accident had led to an elbow injury and had to be operated on.

Shroud jokingly said that since the injury is on his left elbow his aim would not be affected but it could have a small impact on his movement while he recovers.

The real question is how would this impact Shroud’s viewership on Twitch and YouTube. However, Shroud has clarified that having insane numbers wasn’t the first priority to him. Gaming is his passion and he’s not chasing the money or opportunities and loves to follow his passion of gaming