The first day of the tournament in China saw the end of group stages for the first four groups being concluded.

The 28 team tournament was split into 7 groups of 4 each. However, many groups had lesser teams as multiple teams had dropped out of the event.

The format of the tournament was a round-robin BO2 system.If the team wins both maps gives you three points, splitting maps gives you one point, and losing both gives no points.

Group A

G2 hammered through their opponents, dropping only 11 points over 4 maps with victories over Singularity and Revolution. KennyS looked really hot with a KDR of 5 in the BO2 over Revolution

The second playoff stop belonged to Singularity who eliminated Revolution in the elimination BO2 with a convincing score line of 16-2 and 16-1.

Group B

Valiance topped Group B after coming back into their tournament following a slender loss against NASR in a BO2. Valiance picked up victories against Denial and Optic, upsetting the latter in a BO2. Optic managed to take the second playoff spot

Group C

Group C featured only MIBR and AGO two teams as K23 and Isurus had dropped out before the tournament began. MIBR topped the group with a 2-0 win over AGO.

Group D

In the last group, FrostFire were eliminated after losing 0-2 to Absolute and Furious. Absolute ad Furious rounded off the playoff list after comfortable wins over Frost Fire

The teams that made it to the BO3 are:

  • [flag=fr] G2 Esports
  • [flag=rs] Valiance
  • [flag=br] MIBR
  • [flag=jp] Absolute
  • [flag=us] Singulariy
  • [flag=dk] OpTic
Photo: HLTV