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Should you bet on Esports games using Online Casinos or Betting Platforms?

Esports is one of the fastest-growing pastimes in the world. With prize money starting to get to the life-changing level, it is finally getting to a comparable level to more traditional sports. Esports is a constantly changing and evolving pastime. With a large number of games all becoming part of it, there is already a huge amount of choice available to players. While many are stepping into the world of esports by playing the different games, some are placing wagers on the different esports games.
We’ve taken a close look at the different aspects of esports.

From what you can wager on to the different games that are available to play, we cover everything you need to know.

What Games are Available?

There is a large selection of different games used in the world of esports. They cover a range of different genres. Some of the biggest titles are Fortnite, CS:Go, League of Legends and FIFA. They all offer players some different playing experiences.

Fortnite is a third-person battle royale shooting game. It’s one of the most popular games in the world at the moment and it offers players fast-paced gaming with a large number of competitors. It’s recently had some big tournaments announced by the developer meaning that it could become the biggest name in esports in the future.

CS:Go is the latest iteration of Counterstrike. One of the original online competitive FPS games, CS:Go has carried this on and is one of the most active esports titles on the market. League of Legends is a team battle game that features a fantasy setting. It’s another big name in the esports world and has a lot of tournaments that are played.

FIFA is probably the most popular and well known game in the world. Every year it has a new release and there is an extremely active and vibrant online gaming scene. It has the largest scope to become a big name in esports due to the massive popularity of soccer across the globe. FIFA tournaments between Premier League players have had large levels of popularity when shown on YouTube.

These are just a small selection of different esports offerings that are out there. It’s something that is constantly changing and evolving to provide a vibrant scene for fans of playing online.

How does Esports Work?

It works in a number of different ways. The first way is through a tournament that’s arranged at a venue. Here the very best players and teams will meet in order to play against each other. There will be prize money and sponsorships for the tournament and it generally gets a large audience. These games are hugely popular and have started to gain mainstream popularity.

They can also be played over the internet. It’s run as a tournament in the same way the physical ones are run. There are also prizes and sponsorship in place. These are live-streamed over services such as Twitch and YouTube. They get large viewership which has helped to bring in big paying sponsors.

It’s something that is likely to keep growing over the next few years. This is especially likely as video gaming has become a massively mainstream hobby.

Betting on Esports

Betting on esports is something that has started to become a popular choice for players. It’s not offered at all online casinos and sportsbooks, but this is slowly changing. A much larger proportion of online casinos and sportsbooks have started to offer the ability to place bets on esports events in recent times.

As stated on onlinecasinogamesindia.in there are a few companies offering these esport services, but mind you have to check your local regulations before playing.

The betting options work in the same way that regular sports betting does. It offers the opportunity to place a wager on different events as well as different markets. From here players can choose their stake and even create accumulators. While the markets don’t tend to be quite as in-depth as traditional sporting markets this is something that is slowly catching up.

According to luotettavatnettikasinot.net in Finland, more and more betting of on eplay games. The problem is that there are risks in match-fixing, something that needs to be researched more.


Esports is an area that isn’t quite as well regulated as regular sports. This is because it’s a new area for betting. It does mean that it has caused some sportsbooks to be a little hesitant to get involved with offering esports betting. However, the sheer popularity of esports means that it’s likely to be fully regulated in the near future. It does mean that it’s likely to be available at a much larger range of different online casinos and sportsbooks.

Whether it will ever take over traditional sports is something no-one will ever know. It is likely that it will increase in popularity to the point where it is comparable. It’s unlikely to take away from sports betting as the two audiences are different. People who enjoy watching video games and people who enjoy watching sports don’t have a huge amount of crossover. So this is an almost entirely new betting market, which means it has incredible potential for growth.

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