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5 Reasons Why CSGO Outshines Valorant

Watching and playing esports has quickly become one of the most popular pastimes for gaming fans all over the world, with first-person shooter games considered to be the most common genre to enjoy. Counter-strike: Global Offensive, referred to as GS:GO, and Valorant, are two of the most played FPS games on the scene right now. However, there are many similarities between the two tiles, with Valorant taking inspiration from GS:GO.

It is for this reason that GS:GO still outshines Valorant despite being older.

CS:GO Inspired Valorant

When new games from the same genre are released, it is only natural to compare. This is true for all gaming industries and can be seen by the casino comparison at Johnslots. This is especially true in the case of Valorant and GS:GO as these games are played competitively and are also in direct competition with one another. However, players who are accustomed to playing GS:GO and have tried Valorant could be underwhelmed.

This is because Valorant brings very little that is new and unique to the table and has drawn inspiration from the classic CS:GO gaming title. As far as GS:GO goes, the game has been popular for years and is considered to be a cut above the rest.

Better Control

There are certain unique aspects of Valorant, for example, the character’s abilities. In Valorant, the agents that players use can modify their abilities beyond traditional combat and incorporate a few magical elements. While this is an interesting twist, and it is a sight to behold, these functionalities can sometimes make it harder to control player movements.

This translates to inferior gameplay especially since both games are played in esports tournaments where gameplay should be nothing less than seamless.  As an example, switching to a knife attack in Valorant will allow players to move more quickly. In GS:GO a switch likes this does not enhance the speed as thus results in better accuracy. While these differences do create a unique experience, there are a few kinks that need to be ironed out before it can be on par with GS:GO.

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More Challenging

Even though many professional players have switched to Valorant, GS:GO is more challenging than Valorant. This has more to do with the way that the game is set up than the way that the game is played. For example, there is a big difference in the information that is shared when players are making purchases on these games. Valorant discloses the opponent’s credits, thus making it easier to determine what weapons will be bought and to formulate a game plan or expectation. GS:GO, on the other hand, does not disclose this information.

This means that Global-striker players are not privy to any kind of forewarning about the attack they will be under. While some players might prefer the hint, there is a large number of professional players and watchers who consider this to be an unfair advantage and would prefer to play without assistance.

Easier to Distinguish Characters

Valorant indeed has more playable characters. This is likely why the game has performed better than GS: GO this year. However, players have noted that because characters, or agents, can play on either side, it can be tricky distinguishing between enemies and team members whereas with GS:GO, there is no room for error.

There are only terrorists and counter-terrorists which doesn’t only make the game easier to play but also makes it more comprehensive for watchers. While this is one of the more unique aspects that Valorant has brought in, players agree that GS;GO’s tried and tested character format outshines this functionality.

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