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Seagull announces indefinite break from Twitch

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Ex-Overwatch professional turned Twitch Streamer Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned has decided to take an indefinite break from streaming due to “burnout and depression.”

Yesterday, the 28-year-old Professional turned Twitch streamer tweeted out saying:

“I’ve been struggling with burnout/depression, don’t expect to see me on for quite a while.

Don’t forget I exist though, and I’ll see you guys next time.”

Seagull has always remained passionate about his streaming carrier and soon after retiring from the professional play he managed to grow his audience immensely and currently he streams with more than 1M followers. 

Soon after his tweet various other Twitch streamers and fans went ahead and wished the best for him and tweeted out in support of his decision. 

Seagull last played for Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League Inaugural Season and shortly after the Overwatch League – Season 1 Stage 4 Title Matches, on 7th August 2018, Seagull announced his retirement from High-level professional gaming to focus more on his streaming career.

From the very beginning, Bradon has been an avid competitor. He first started out with HL2:DM, the multiplayer version of Half-Life, and later switched to Overwatch in 2015. He is best known for his championship 1st place in Overwatch Contenders 2017 Season 1: North America with Team Envyus.

Brandon didn’t say when he will be back to streaming, but he did assure his fans about plans to return again in the future and asked them to patiently wait for him. 

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