Sea Of Thieves New Update: Read Patch Notes Here

The new Sea of Thieves update is out. Here are the patch notes.

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A major Sea of Thieves patch is being delivered for the current week, and as you can figure, it’s somewhat of a creepy update being arranged. Designers Rare hasn’t shared much about what is being gotten ready for this extension, making it difficult to measure how huge it will be. Be that as it may, while we don’t have a deep understanding of what will be remembered for Sea of Thieves: Fate of the Damned, we do know when it will show up.

Sea Of Thieves Update October 2020

As per Microsoft and Rare, Sea of Thieves Fate of the Damned will be delivered on Wednesday, October 28, 2020.

We don’t have a clue how enormous this new update will be or how much additional room you should download it. We likewise realize that it will require worker support, which means privateers over all stages should stand by some time on dispatch day.

As per Rare, Sea of Thieves update upkeep will start at 10 am GMT on October 28, or 3 am PDT on the off chance that you live in the United States.

We don’t have a clue how long upkeep will last however we would anticipate that the game workers should be disconnected for in any event 60 minutes. More news with respect to the Fate of the Damned is relied upon to be shared on dispatch day as a feature of some itemized fix notes.

One of the latest secret trailers for the new development included a little island, highlighting a skeleton grasping a white lamp, and it doesn’t part with much for fans to discuss.

Sea of Thieves as of now has a lot of boisterous skeletons and phantoms, so it will be fascinating to perceive what Rare has anticipated the current week’s October update.

Sea Of Thieves Patch Notes

What are the Sea Of Thieves Patch Notes? A portion of the enhancements that are out is given below.

Gameplay Improvements

Mysterious Notes

  • When awakening toward the beginning of a meeting, players may now discover Mysterious Notes left adjacent to them. Follow these notes to be coordinated to the different exercises over the Sea of Thieves with each new substance update.
  • When gathering a Mysterious Note, a spring up will presently show up as the note is added to your stock. All Mysterious Notes gathered can be perused inside another part in the Quest Radial.

In-Game Event Tracking

  • The in-game menu presently contains an Events tab, exhibiting the recent developments occurring over the Sea of Thieves and keeping tabs on your development through them.

Flameheart’s Range

  • At the point when a Flameheart Ghost Ship experience is dynamic, the territory wherein music and threatening comments from Flameheart can be heard around the islands has been decreased.

Ashen Lords Balancing

  • Ashen Lords currently have diminished well-being.
  • Trading in for spendable dough an Ashen Winds Skull is presently worth twofold the gold.
  • While vanquishing an Ashen Lord, players will be ensured a Chest of Rage and a Ritual Skull as remunerations, with all prizes picked up from this experience expanded in esteem.

Emergent Captain Balancing

  • Skeleton Captains, Key Masters, and Guardians that show up eminently on islands have been decreased in trouble.

Sea Of Thieves Update 2020

Oh, Gourd!

  • With the Festival of the Damned season going all out, Outposts are finished with pumpkins in the festivity of the ne’ er-forgotten soul of the Ferryman.

Skipping the Intro Cutscene

  • Players would now be able to select to skirt the front end introduction activity by empowering ‘Auto-skip Intro Animatic’ in Video Settings.

Shark Hunter Ship Set

  • The already inaccessible Cannons, Capstan, Figurehead, Flag, and Wheel are currently available for gold at any Outpost shipwright.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Optimisations

  • Sea of Thieves has been advanced in anticipation of the up and coming age of Xbox comforts with Series S and Series X.

Auto-Move Accessibility

  • Players would now be able to tie a key to ‘Auto Move’, permitting their privateer to push ahead toward that path until halted.
  • ‘Auto Move’ capacities true to form while crossing area or swimming, yet in addition applies forward movement to activities, for example, raising the capstan and ascending stepping stools. While players will even now need to collaborate with these things to start, the utilization of ‘Auto Move’ can eliminate the requirement for a held activity during the connection.

Narrate Emotes

  • At the point when ‘Let Games Read to Me’ is empowered, emotes performed by different privateers will currently be described and depicted to the player.
  • Covering up acts out that conceal the player’s Gamertag won’t be described.

Fixed Issues

Sea Of Thieves Gameplay

  • When playing out an act out, you should now reliably play out that activity for any players watching you.
  • At the point when a Megalodon shows up close by a Sloop, it should now circle the boat and all the more as often as possible discover occasions to assault while the boat is moving.
  • Collector’s Chests procured from the Fort of the Damned should now have a Reaper’s Beacon.
  • Pale Artifacts dropped by Ashen Skeletons currently give Emissary Grade movement when taken.
  • Firebombs should now manage predictable harm to creatures.
  • At the point when a player has obtained the most extreme number of food things, the number indicated should now be set apart in red.
  • In the wake of lighting all the Flame of Fate signals at the Fort of the Damned, Graymarrow should move out of the ground as opposed to showing up from no place.
  • There is currently a stacking screen while experiencing the Pirate Legend Hideout cascade entrance.
  • When at Ancient Spire Outpost, players should now securely transport to the planned area.
  • The Legendary Skeleton Exploder Commendation should now be obvious to players on their standing page under Gunpowder Skeletons in the Bilge Rats tab.
  • The Commendation counters appeared on the standing pages now more precisely to speak to players’ advancement with a Trading Company.
  • Rapidly squeezing the essential use button/key while holding a pet should not, at this point handicap the ‘give pet’ movement.
  • The ‘Drop Capstan’ instructional exercise brief currently reset appropriately if the player’s boat sinks while on-screen inside the range of the Maiden Voyage island.
  • When playing with Korean language settings, players are indeed ready to offer their spirit to the Ferryman to skirt the recovery term.

Ancient Treasure Vaults

  • The Ancient Vault Key will currently vanish once the Vault is finished.
  • In the event that an Ancient Vault is dynamic, that Vault will presently don’t be chosen for use in another team’s Tall Tale.
  • In the event that an Ancient Vault gets dynamic, different groups will be advised that the Vault is inaccessible when moving toward the entryway.
  • Rowboats should at this point don’t cut through the Ancient Vault entryway.
  • It should now be more uncertain for players to have more than one torn guide piece for every island.

Tall Tales

  • ‘Heart of Fire’ – The switch in Stitcher Jim’s Hideout presently works over and again as planned.
  • ‘Heart of Fire’ – Dying and afterward being restored in magma currently appropriately executes the resuscitated player once more.
  • ‘Heart of Fire’ – This Tall Tale no longer shows as ‘New’ in the Tall Tales tab.

Pirate Emporium

  • Exchanging currency should now appropriately refresh the cost in the thing review window.


  • Developing areas on Discovery Ridge for creature containers and Gunpowder Barrels have been refreshed to guarantee they can be reached by players.
  • While connecting with the Skeleton Fort on Sailor’s Knot Stronghold, after arriving at the Skeleton Lord players should not, at this point become stuck in the Fort divider during battle.
  • The stones close to Dagger Tooth Outpost currently have suitable impacts.
  • Players can at this point don’t stall out in the Pirate Legend Hideout and show up in the ocean close to the Sea Dogs’ Arena.
  • Players should at this point don’t be securely transported while moving around the Vault doors.
  • The dividers of the passage outside the Vault on Mermaid’s Hideaway ought to be noticeable consistently.
  • The degenerate surfaces in the Kraken’s Fall Vault have been taken out.
  • The residue/rock VFX will presently don’t be skimming close to the Kraken’s Fall Vault rock entryway.
  • Players should not, at this point have the option to burrow the ground inside the weapon and hardware shops on Outposts.
  • There is not, at this point an opening in the western stone outcrop on Shores of Gold. The skull light at Marauder’s Arch should now be connected to a post and done gliding in mid-air.

Visual and Audio

  • When following an ‘X Marks the Spot’ Map, the ‘clunk’ sound would now be able to be heard after burrowing at the correct area.
  • At the point when the Ashen Curse is prepared, it should now show up while on the Ferry of the Damned.
  • The Hunter Figurehead, Crab Figurehead, and Parrot Figurehead presently have the right symbols when seen in the Ship Customisation Chest.
  • Players should now have the option to look down to the keep going alternative on the Video Settings page.

The Arena

  • The last team to decide in favor of the relocation after the challenge will at this point don’t be stuck on the ‘recording results’ message and rather move as planned.

Custom Servers

  • Steam players should now have the option to join a functioning custom worker in the wake of getting a welcome.
  • Players should not, at this point have the option to peruse the store at North Star Seapost while on a Custom Server.
  • Players should not, at this point have the option to peruse Larinna’s Black Market while on a Custom Server.


  • Players who opened off base accomplishments on Steam before 3 June 2020 will presently have the inaccurate accomplishments taken out upon the following login (yet in the event that the accomplishment was genuinely acquired since at that point it will remain).
  • Players who have not had their Xbox accomplishments extended to Steam will discover their accomplishments effectively synchronized when signing in following the Fate of the Damned update.
  • When endeavoring to join a game without a welcome on Steam, players will presently be demonstrated the right warning message.

Performance and Stability

  • Enhancements to server execution lessening idleness, slack spikes, ‘rubberbanding’, and worker amendment during interactivity.
  • Improved customer solidness when stacking into The Arena bar after choosing Duo Sloop Open Crew.
  • Improved customer solidness when sitting on the Ferry of the Damned for an all-encompassing length.
  • Improved server solidness while advancing through Tall Tales.
  • Improved Xbox stacking times from when a player heads out toward the front to when they show up on the planet.
  • Improved and upgraded customer execution.
  • Enhanced a scope of islands over The Devil’s Roar to improve customer execution.
  • Camera development should now feel smoother when utilizing the mouse and console on Xbox reassures.

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