CSGO majors are twice in year event that brings together all the fans across the world to celebrate few days of amazing Counter-Strike. The stakes remain high because other than the prestige it carries, it boasts a $1 Million prize pool. Before a CSGO season, the host of both majors are announced along with the host nation. But the worlds best player might have hinted us on the next one’s location.

S1mple who had a disappointing exit in Blast Copenhagen was spending time with his fans over at an Instagram broadcast when on of the football’s biggest star, PSG foreward Neymar Jr hopped into his broadcast. S1mple was quick to greet him before potentially leaking the next major’s Host Nation. S1mple said it to be Brazil and that he expects Neymar to be in the attendance.

If what s1mple hinted at is true, South Americans are in for a treat as they are going to have the first major ever hosted in their continent. Once againt the potential location is leaked around 7 months prior to the major, which is unlikely to point towards a coencidance. Nothing has been confirmed by Valve or the organizers yet. Although Neymar is very likely to attend the event as Brazil has produced a lot of top CSGO talents notably the MIBR squad and being a player himself, it will be hard to resist a major.

Photo via HLTV