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PUBG loses 82% of its players in 22 months

It has not been a great year for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds as it is down by 82% of its player base compared to January 18, the game’s peak position. The average player count over the past weeks has been lingering around 288,848 compared to 1,584,886 concurrent players back in Jan 2018. That is a massive inexplicable drop with no specific reason.

Tencent is trying hard to pump these numbers back up with regular patches and updates for the game but nothing seems to work. The recently released, update 5.1 with the new season 5 brought loads of new content to the game ranging from map reworks to throw-able melee weapons. Finally Tencent decided to make these melee weapons useful and as an additioin, players can also throw supplies to their team mates as well. Tencent has had a uniform history of constantly updating its titles in order to keep the players ever busy.

This drop in stats does not bring upon any immediate credible threat upon the firm as its other titles like PUBG: Mobile, Arena of Valor and the newly launched Call of Duty: Mobile are always seen at the top spots on every statistical sheet. Changing trends, increased emphasis on mobile gaming, tough competition from other Battle Royale titles like Apex Legends and Fortnite are the most probable cause for this drop in players. These rival Battle Royale titles have been racking up impressive numbers as Apex Legends recently hit 70 million players worldwide. Tencent needs to step up their game and preserve then reclaim players restoring this Battle Royale masterpiece to its former status.

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