Twitch streamer Amouranth was banned from Twitch for three due to exposing her pudendum during a broadcast. Such activities strictly go against Twitch’s policies. The IRL streamer got penalized for only 3 days while others were handed a month-long ban.

Her return saw her follower count rise sky-high by gaining around 410000 followers in a week. But unfortunately for her the numbers seemed to be mysteriously decreasing. She was already suffering from bleeding follower count but 29th October saw her lose 300000 followers overnight. Her rising follower count apparently seemed to be bots added by Twitch which were later removed but no evidence has been added to this theory.

It is still unclear whether it was Twitch or her self or some of her fans hiring click farms for this. Amouranth is known as a cosplayer around twitch and she is one of the most popular among them, although Twitch has only a few people coming in for such content so her success seems to be limited.


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