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Riot introduces global tier 2 VALORANT Challengers ecosystem

Riot Games has announced a new and open-for-all pathway for VALORANT teams to qualify for the international events with the announcement of Challengers. Starting from 2023, VALORANT Challengers ecosystem will give a truly open opportunity for all teams around the world to qualify to Masters and ultimately to Champions.

In a recent announcement, Riot Games has announced Challengers as a new circuit of tournament for tier two teams. In this open-for-all tournament, teams can play from their regions to ultimately qualify for the international league.

A total of 23 regions are bifurcated by Riot Games into three sections namely Americas, EMEA and Pacific. Teams will fight amongst their own regions like Japan, Korea, NA and others to secure an international seeding slot.

The Challengers is an open-for-all league and qualified teams will have two splits of multi-week regular season play, leading towards Champions and then Masters. The intermediate stage will be known as Challengers Ascension.

Challengers Ascension will have one seeding slot for each region. The qualified team will be awarded with a chance to play in the international tier-one leagues for two consecutive years. After the span is over, the winners will have to play through Challengers yet again to regain their slot.

Riot Games also has some plans to introduce an in-game competitive system that goes beyond the ranked games. The implementation of this specific system will be implemented after 2024.


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