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Tencent Games share algorithm data with Chinese government regulatory body: Report

The Chinese government has acquired the algorithm data of some of the top tech giants from China in a bid to keep transparency in their process. Reportedly, companies like Alibaba, Tencent and others had to submit their algorithms with the government body.

China is looking for more oversight over their largely unregulated tech sector. In a list released on friday, the algorithms of thirty top companies and their details were released by the government. The tech bodies needed to hand over this data initially to CAC.

CAC stands for Cyberspace Administration of China and is one of the biggest regulating bodies from the country. The action taken by CAC goes a long way for the country as some of the secrets behind the wildly successful social media tech giants have been overviewed.

Tencent is linked in this list and their flagship products around the world are video games, specifically PUBG Mobile. The information about algorithms that were defined in this report was not clearly mentioned but it is definitely a move to regulate the tech companies.

China recently brought a law in action that curbs the tech firms from over using their recommendation algorithm. Any company that wants to launch a new service needs to get it licensed from the government first.

The details in this report are very vague. An example is TikTok where it is mentioned that likes and clicks are used to map behavioural data and recommend videos accordingly.

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