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Razer CEO advises gamers to ditch “gaming chairs”

He was facing chronic neck and back pain before he unraveled the reason behind it.

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has recently advised everyone through Facebook to “throw out” all gaming chairs due to it potentially exacerbating back problems.

“It’s been a couple of difficult months as I’ve been having chronic neck/back pain,” the 42-year-old said. After undergoing X-rays and MRIs to diagnose the problem, it was found out that he had a slipped disc, which has been causing him “quite a bit of discomfort.”

He urged people experiencing similar neck or back problems to see a specialist without delay, and also left a few tips for them, which included getting rid of all gaming chairs.

“Throw out your ‘gaming’/racing chair – they look good but are rubbish for your back,” Min-Liang said, claiming that he had already gotten rid of his own. He then urged everyone to get chairs with proper lumbar support.

“Many of the ‘gaming’ chairs out there are just rebranded chairs from China that look good but do nothing for your posture/neck/back.”

He also assured fans that he has a team of ergonomic scientists working on this issue and that expects them to come up with something in near future.

Other than that, he advised everyone to take regular breaks from their PCs and make time for some neck stretching exercises. “I know this sounds easier said than done,” he said. “But I’m making it a point to take regular breaks and stretch my neck and back. “

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