Rainbow Six Siege gets a new Sixth Guardian Charity Bundle “Osa SG Bundle”, To Support ILGA World

Osa SG Bundle

Ubisoft recently announced that the upcoming Year 7 Season 2 Operation Vector Glare update in R6S will bring in the new Sixth Guardian Charity Bundle called “Osa SG Bundle.”

For those that are new to the game, guardian charity bundles are part of a charity event run in Rainbow Six Siege where 100% of net proceeds (minimum 6$ per bundle) from the sale of special in-game bundles go towards charity. 

For this year, Siege players can purchase the upcoming “Osa SG Bundle” to directly support ILGA World. The charity aims to promote equal rights for the LGBTIQ+ community through various means including advocacy, research, and campaigns.  

“Osa +  @ILGAWORLD = perfect match!

We’ve partnered with ILGA World for the new Sixth Guardian bundle

They support equal human rights for LGBTIQ communities through advocacy, research & campaigns

Grab the bundle now: 100% of proceeds support them!”

Since the launch of the “Sixth Guardian Charity” program, the R6S community has raised over $350,000 for different charities via purchases of the special SG bundles. To date, the fund has directly benefitted the past Sixth Guardian partners: AbleGamers Charity, Stack Up, and Indspire. 

The upcoming bundle will feature a set of cosmetics focused on Osa, all featuring ILGA World’s distinctive colors and Sixth Guardian branding. Specifically, the set includes:

  • “Sixth Guardian Glory” Uniform
  • “Sixth Guardian Glory ” Headgear
  • “Sixth Guardian Glory” Background Card
  • “Sixth Guardian Osa” Charm

The bundle will be available for a limited time over the course of the next two seasons, so make sure to check it out before Season 3 ends!

You can also donate directly to further support ILGA World, click here to go straight to their Donate page.