In a dev blog, the developers at Ubisoft shed some light about the upcoming Reverse Friendly Fire update for Rainbow Six Siege.

As the name may suggest some, the RFF system is aimed to keep griefers in check. In RFF system if a player-friendly fires a teammate accidentally or for griefing reasons, the said teammate won’t receive any damage rather the shooter will receive the damage i.e. Reverse Friendly Fire. The system will be going live today (8th May) and will be applied across the game types.

The dev will be keeping a close eye on this and will be tweaking the RFF system based off data and player feedback. This will help to improve the future iterations of the RFF system and help the team at Ubisoft to find a perfect balance.

Friendly fire has been an ongoing issue for players since launch in December 2015. Griefers often use friendly fire to kill their own teammates which triggers rage quits and more toxic behaviour among the player base.

Currently, RFF system is applicable to primary weapons, secondary weapons and thrown unique gadgets only. Grenades and explosives will still damage the teammates and deal with no reverse damage to the player. Although Ubisoft have gone to great lengths to fix the griefing issue in Siege, the griefers will still have the main source of dealing damage to players i.e. grenades and explosives. But the developers have planned to include these to RFF system in season 2 update.