EA plans to bring Apex Legends to mobile devices

In the conference call on 7th May, EA confirmed that they have plans to release Apex Legends in China and on mobile devices soon.

Apex Legends is one the most popular free-2-play battle royale game that became popular overnight after its release. The game managed to reach a staggering 50 million players within 2months of its release in February.

The game is so popular for EA that no other titles in 2019 from publisher has managed to show similar growth. With this EA announced their plans to bring the game to even more platforms to further grow the number of players.

Further in the conference EA confirmed that 30% of Apex players are new to EA products and store.Many players are trying games/series they’ve never played before due to the large library on Access/Origin. With that in mind, EA plans to deliver new content for the game throughout the year with long term service which will include new legends, maps, cosmetics, etc.

The move to new platforms should come as no surprise for fans of Apex Legends considering the success of mobile releases of Fortnite and PUBG, EA would also want to challenge in that market. The mobile gaming market has become a large part of overall gaming market such that all the publishers are looking to release their games on mobile as soon as possible.

In addition to expanding to mobile, EA said they have plans to release Apex Legends in China, the world’s largest gaming market.