Report: China expected to have 873 million gamers by 2023

China’s largest game streaming service DouYu, filed to go public in U.S stock market. The filing done by DouYu gave some interesting data regarding the gaming market in China, suggesting the gaming population might reach 873 million by the end of 2023.

China being the biggest gaming market on the planet is actively aimed for by every publisher and game developer. China alone represents 31% of revenue earned by gaming market. With such a high revenue the avg. gaming population is also the highest in China, with 1 of every 3rd person being a gamer. This population is expected to grow further with mobile gaming getting more mainstream among Chinese population.

The data submitted by DouYu in its filing suggested that the gaming market alone in China represents more than 30% of world gaming revenue and predicted that this percentage is expected to grow further such that China might reach $300 billion mark.

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Image Credits: ESTNN
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Image Credits: ESTNN

Based on data provided the most popular genre of games is esports games among the populace. With games such a League of legends, King of Glory (mobile), Dota 2, PuBG (mobile and pc), Fortnite(mobile and pc), CS:GO, etc. the reports also suggested that the growth of mobile gaming had a big impact on gaming generally and the mobile market alone will witness 50% growth over time, making mobile gaming the biggest contributor towards the growth in the gaming population.

DouYu also revealed some stats related to their platform such that they have 384000 registered streamers and 21 million online streamers globally, with that number expected to grow 25% by 2023 to 28 million.

Source: ESTNN

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