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Microsoft releases Minecraft Classic for browsers

Minecraft is just days close to its 10th year anniversary. With the game becoming a decade old Microsoft have revealed that they plan to celebrate this with host of announcements for the game. And as a part of 10th-year-anniversary announcements, Microsoft have released Minecraft Classic! a free-2-play browser game.

Minecraft classic isn’t new to old-time fans of the game. The game was available till 2009 before Microsoft bought rights to Minecraft and took down the game. But with the latest round of announcement old timers can rejoice and have a nostalgia trip ( according to Microsoft).

The game will be supported across all PC browsers and the players will have the ability to invite up to 9 friends to play together. Players will start with 32 blocks to build with and the same interface as 2009 version of Classic. The game will still feature the same bugs and workarounds as the old version did, this is something that was left deliberately for nostalgia reason.

With the 10th year anniversary on 17th May inching closer, Microsoft and Mojang ( developers of Minecraft) are to set to make more announcements. While some rumours about a game called Minecraft AR (a game similar to Pokémon Go)  are going around the web lately, we might be getting some more information in the coming days about it. For now, let’s just think of it as speculation only.

You can check out Minecraft Classic right here.

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