Why is NCPR not in favor of PUBG Mobile India return

Why NCPR is not going to give a thumbs-up to the PUBG Mobile India?

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In another blow to the hopes of millions of PUBG Mobile enthusiasts in India, The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPR) are reportedly not in favor of the game’s relaunch in India.

The body strongly ‘recommends against’ the release of PUBG Mobile India apk, made solely for the Indian region until there are legislations in place that ensure incidents like suicides, killings and more that have happened before in relation to the game do not become commonplace once more.

Watch this video to know more about NCPR‘s opinion on PUBG Mobile.

However, this does not seem aligned with the facts presented beforehand, as Krafton has mentioned several new features in the new application to work towards the same. Such features include a game time restriction to prevent addiction, no ‘real blood’ that aids in not promoting violence, and many other small tweaks to ensure the application is aligned with the aim of the National government.

This also notifies the Indian audience that talks are still ongoing regarding the relaunch of the game and perhaps, we aren’t that far away from PUBG Mobile India hitting the market. Maybe 2021 will usher in joy for the users waiting to play PUBG Mobile once again, legally.

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