PUBG Mobile India version: All major changes you need to know

PUBG Mobile India is coming with some altercations in user experience.

pubg mobile india

PUBG Mobile is returning back to India after two months with a different localized version. PUBG Mobile India’s social media handles have announced the comeback of PUBG Mobile in the country with a different publisher. Some altercations will be seen in this new game to better suit the needs of the Indian fan base.

Similarities can be drawn between the Korean PUBG Mobile version and the upcoming PUBG Mobile Indian version. Both the versions are published by PUBG Corp. itself and hence, some features may look similar to pre-existing ones.

According to the release, PUBG Mobile is confirmed to have a green bloodstain effect and this feature is already available in the KR version. Furthermore, the underage player base will face a time-limit to ensure health welfare. The user interface will also be slightly tweaked and the usual background will be changed to a virtual simulation training ground.

The esports side of this game is not neglected as PUBG Corp. made a huge announcement regarding an upcoming event. A professional esports league will be conducted for PUBG Mobile and the scale of this tournament will be bigger than any other PUBG Mobile event to date with bigger team participation and a larger prize pool.

PUBG Corporation has also announced to invest $100M to develop business and esports in India. This investment will play a huge role in the upcoming PUBG Mobile esports league in India and the structure of esports can potentially change with time.

The long-running success story of PUBG Mobile in India was halted for a few months due to the ban but with this proposed comeback, the game can potentially return to its prime state till the end of this year.