PUBG Mobile and its story in India has almost hit a dead-end so far. The officials only announced their entry back into the country but later, there was no follow-up announcement regarding the rest of the process and as a result, PUBG Mobile India was never released officially in the country. It has almost been three months since PUBG Corp. promised the launch of PUBG Mobile India but now, the hopes of return are diminishing slowly but steadily. PUBG Mobile India release date is awaited by many but it seems like it is not happening anytime soon.

PUBG Mobile was probably the largest mobile game in India for the last couple of years with its player base ranging in millions in the country. As a result, the esports scene surrounding PUBG Mobile also grew exponentially but all this was suddenly stopped when MeitY banned the game in India in September.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India alongside its lite version due to some user privacy issues and since then, its progress is sliding downhill in the country. Initially, PUBG Corp. tried to take immediate measures to bring back the game. They started with cutting off ties with Tencent for the region and later, promised their own version of the game but still, a clear path for a comeback was not seen anyway.

Several developments took place regarding the PUBG Mobile story and after several reports, expected partnerships, and several other leads, Krafton made their first solid move by officially announcing that PUBG Mobile will be back in India around the time of Diwali.

After this announcement, the Indian PUBG Mobile community was joyous and welcomed the game back in the country. It was soon expected that PUBG Mobile India, the altered version of PUBG Mobile, will be released in the country very soon but it was nowhere to be seen.

The release date of PUBG Mobile India became the next trending topic in the country and hence, several capitalized on this situation by citing different timelines for the official launch. The sources stated by them were secretive and the official announcement was never released by PUBG Corp.

Some RTI Queries were filed to find out the answers about PUBG Mobile and its ban. The details revealed in the replies revealed some solid information like MeitY and PUBG Corp. was never engaged in formal talks and PUBG as a whole is not banned in the country. It was also revealed that PUBG Mobile India will not be published unless and until the IT Ministry of India approves its launch.

Following these clarifications, MeitY took a big step recently and permanently banned the apps which were restricted in the first ban wave. PUBG Mobile belongs to the second ban wave and if similar action is repeated, it is quite possible that PUBG Mobile can also face such a kind of a ban.

This all leads to a simple conclusion that the solid hopes of PUBG Mobile return in India and its release date are very vague for now and unless and until the officials announce a proper timeline or give an update on this situation, the relaunch of this game could take much longer than expected.