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PMPL South Asia: Season 3 – Format, Prize pool, Teams and more

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PUBG Mobile Esports team had revealed the big plans to kickstart the next yearly esports season of PUBG Mobile and one of the major regions in the PUBG Mobile ecosystem in South Asia. The scheduled format for the upcoming season of PMPL: South Asia Season 3 and PMCOs falling under it are revealed.

PMPL South Asia: Season 3 Details

PMPL stands for PUBG Mobile Pro League and in this tournament is the highest tier league-formatted tournament for any region. Players need to participate in the open-for-all PMCOs for respective regions and have a decent finish to claim a slot in PMCO.

PMPL: South Asia mostly had Indian teams before the game was banned in the country. As PUBG Mobile is no longer available in India, the slots for other regions have opened up and as a result, the esports team has tweaked the format for PMPL: South Asia Season 3.


The tournament format will be pretty similar to what we have seen in the last couple of seasons but PMCO slots have increased a lot for many regions. A total of eight teams are invited to PMPL: South Asia Season 3. These teams were ranked top eight in the last PMPL.

Twenty teams participate in PMPL and out of it, the top 16 move on to the league stages. After the league is over, the grand finals are hosted where top teams gain a slot for global PUBG Mobile tournaments. The most consistent teams sitting at the top of scoreboards at the end of the League stage also get invited to such tournaments like PMGC.

This time, South Asian teams can qualify for PMPL through four PMCOs held for their respective regions. The top three teams from PMCO Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh and the top two teams for PMCO South Asia Wildcard will get a slot for PMPL: South Asia.

The invited team format is as follows:

Prize pool

The prize pool for PMCO: South Asia season 3 is not revealed yet but the total prize money of all four PMCOs combined crosses $100,000 for South Asian region. Each region has a prize pool of $29,200 and hence, a total of $116,800 will be distributed among PMCO: Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and South Asia Wildcard. The prize distribution will be as follows:

  • PMCO Pakistan – $29,000
  • PMCO Nepal – $29,000
  • PMCO Bangladesh – $29,000
  • PMCO South Asia Wild Card – $29,000

Invited Teams

A total of nine teams are invited in PMPL: South Asia Season 3 and are as follows:

  • Deadeyes Guys
  • Team T2Ksg
  • A1 esports
  • DRS Gaming
  • 7Seas Esports
  • Abrupt Slayers
  • Venom Legends
  • Futurestation Gaming
  • Zues Esports

These are the details provided for now. The prize pool for League stages will be revealed in the upcoming days and other teams will be added when PMCOs for the entire region is completed.


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