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PMIS 2020 Finals Day One: Results and Synopsis

PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 was announced recently and its finals are set to take place on 4th and 5th of July. Top 16 teams qualifying from a long race of pre-qualifiers till Semi-Finals are here to fight for the huge price pool of Rs 50,00,000.

Day One was full of unexpected zone shifts, strong gunfights and impressive strategic gameplays from the teams. Day one ended with Team TSM-Entity securing the first spot, followed by Fnatic and Team Mayhem.

Match One – Erangel –

Day one started with the most played map of the game .The usual meta of looting and rotations was seen in the first few minutes of the game. The zone was uniformly distributed in the Western side of the map. There was an early fight between Team Fnatic and Team Live-craft and emerged victorious. Team Live-craft was wiped very early by Fnatic and it was a good start for team Fnatic.

Many other fights took place where teams like IND and TSM-Entity were also seen wiping teams. As the match was entering its ending phase, all the fights were heated up and players were getting eliminated all over the map. The end zone was seen near Gatka areas and Team Mayhem secured the win.

Team Mayhem won the match with 7 kills and 27 points. Team Fnatic came second with 7 kills and 21 points. Team Tamilas were third with 11 kills and 18 points. TT Carry was the MVP of this match with 5 kills.

Match Two – Miramar –

The second match took place on the deserts of Miramar. The heat was more when two big names fought very early. Team Element and Fnatic went on a battle at the very start and there was a big upset for Fnatic as Element got better of them and wiped them out. Many of the new teams which entered the scene recently were also fighting toe-to-toe with the veterans .Team Celtz were wiped out by a new team named VST Esports.

Team Element continued their domination till the end and gave a hard time to all the teams trying to win. They secured the win in the end with a fight against U-MumbaEsports. Paansingh from Team Element made an impressive play when he knocked two players in the row while being on lowest possible health points. He was also the MVP of the match with 6 kills.

Team Element won the match with 15 kills and 35 points. U-MumbaEsports came second with 7 kills and 21 points. Team Mayhem came third with 2 kills and 12 points.

Match Three – Erangel –

The map which is like a home ground for many of the teams was played again on the third match. After a slow start with looting phase and some early skirmishes, the zone started to shrink in a uniform pattern towards the city of Pochinki. Many of the teams expected to fight an urban warfare and entered the city holding the nooks and corners but the zone took an unprecedented shift towards the outer areas and it was a huge upset to many teams. Some teams tried to enter the zone but were wiped in the process.

Team Fnatic still managed to pull a successful rotation and fight till the end circle but TSM-Entity dominated until the last and secured to win with 13 kills. Two grenade knocks from Zgod turned the tides into their favour and they won the match in a hard 2 vs 3 fight.Zgod was the MVP of the match with 4 kills.

TSM-Entity won the match with 13 kills and 33 points. Team Fnatic came second with 5 kills and 19 points. Team VST-VXT Esports came third with 6 kills and 13 points.

Match four – Vikendi –

The snowy terrain of Vikendi has its own meta of zone shifts towards the shore and map stretching long till the 30 minutes mark. Due to this all the teams are seen looting as soon as possible and then rotating towards the centre of first phase and finding a good compound to hold. Same thing happened here and fights were not seen in first few minutes.

The match was then a full chaos when the zone shifts took place at in the end. All the teams faced casualties and some were just wiped when they were trying to enter the zone. Team Fnatic were again consistent to enter the zones and take the necessary fights that ultimately led them towards the victory. Owais of Team Fnatic, also known as the brain of his team, was MVP of this match with 6 kills.

Team Fnatic won the match with 10 kills and 30 points. Dark Tangent Esports were second with 8 kills and 22 points. VST-VXT Esports came third with 7 kills and 15 points.

Match Five – Sanhok –

The grasslands and forest areas of Sanhok are very famous for some sneaky gameplays. The infamous Bootcamp was contested in between Team Orange Rock and Fnatic.

 There was a neutral stance taken by both of them but it was just the silence before the storm because as their fights broke out, Team Element and TSM-Entity started to make the third party plays in between. All of them later disengaged and went on their separate ways but TSM-Entity managed to catch Element off-guard during water rotation and wiped them out completely.

The zone shrink speed is so fast in this map that every time a lot of players get eliminated just while trying to enter the last few circles. Same happened in this match and only a few players managed to survive. 

A lone wolf from TSM-Entity was alive in between all this chaos and he pulled off a tricky outplay while surviving in water and then went on to get his team the second spot. Team Megastars won this map. SGE Seervi was the MVP of this match with 9 kills.

Team Synerge secured the first spot with 15 kills and 25 points. Team Megastars came second with 4 kills and 24 points. TSM-Entity was third with 7 kills and 21 points.

Match Six – Erangel –

The day came to end with again a match of Erangel. TSM-Entity again with their aggressive gameplay, saw a opportunity and engaged with Team Orange Rock and secured three kills right at the start of this map.

The circle was surprisingly the same as that of map three, in the starting phase, but ended in some different area.

The zone blessed TSM-Entity and they utilized it perfectly and managed to win the last map. Jonathan from TSM was the MVP of this match with 6 kills.

TSM Entity won this map with 13 kills and 33 points. Team DarkTangentEsports was second with 5 kills and 19 points. Team Tamilas came third with 3 kills and 13 points.


The day was excellent for teams like TSM-Entity, Fnatic and Mayhem where these all teams were consistent in their games and did not disappoint their fans. They have to keep this consistency to be at the top in this race of Grand Finale.

Other teams in the top 8 region have to remain consistent and rise a little bit to try to get that top spot. They have to play all the remaining games in a very consistent manner to get the required points.

Teams like Orange Rock and Celtz have to step up their game and pull off some miracles to top the tables. The first day was very bad for these teams so they must reconsider what they are doing, plan for some better strategies and regain their original form.

Overall Standings:

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