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TSM-Entity wins PMIS 2020

PUBG Mobile India Series concluded with TSM-Entity becoming the champions and winning a huge prize amount of ₹20,00,000. TSM-Entity had a dominating start right from day one, and they finished day two in the same way.

It was a tough competition after the 11th match when Fnatic was almost close to challenge TSM-Entity for that top spot but the tables turned against Fnatic when they had a bad run in the last game. TSM-Entity were on a rampage mode in this tournament where they did not hesitate in any fight and that granted them their path to victory.

TSM-Entity has been dominating the PUBG Mobile Esports scenario for a while in South Asia region and the team has trust as its core value.  It was stated in an interview after the final match, where Neyoo said that “They have blind trust on each other” and that’s what makes them a formidable team. 

Along with the PUBG Mobile India Series win, the team won some individual and team awards under the special category.

  • Zgod won Rs.50,000 and  “The Annihilator” award.
  • Jonathan won Rs.50,000 and “The Headshot Expert” award.
  • TSM-Entity won Rs.1,00,000 and “The Exterminator” award for the maximum number of kills.
  • TSM-Entity won Rs.1,00,000 and “The People’s Choice” award for being the most popular squad among the community. 

Photo: Nodwin Gaming

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