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YouTuber makes fake CSGO cheats to punish cheaters with hilarious punishments

If you’ve been playing CSGO for a while, you should be familiar with the cheating problem the game faces. Despite the efforts of Valve and their anti-cheat VAC to curb the cheater count in the game, cheats are still steadily available to use online, some of which are paid while some are completely free to use.

While the Overwatch system of CSGO ensures that cheaters get banned at the earliest, some of the players still choose to cheat regardless for personal enjoyment. This led YouTuber “ScriptKid” to take matters into his own hands and punish the people who download such cheats, and that too in a hilarious way.

To set things up, after the coding of the cheat was done, ScriptKid created a website for the cheat and gave it an authentic look. He also paid Google to advertise his webpage on the front page of Google when someone made a search somewhere along the lines of “Free CSGO cheats”. He demonstrated the process briefly in his YouTube video.

The unsuspecting cheaters who downloaded the cheat had no clue what was awaiting for them once they launched the cheat. The cheat included in it various levels of “punishments” scattered across a competitive game. They would trigger randomly or at specific moments in a game to hinder the cheaters’ gameplays.

The Punishments

  • Burning Man: When the cheater tries to use a Molotov or an incendiary, his aim automatically drops to the ground, setting himself on fire. Furthermore, his movement keys are automatically unbound for a few seconds.
  • No Plant or Defuse: When the player tries to plant or defuse the bomb, it automatically cancels right at the last second and plays a fake “The bomb has been defused” sound effect to confuse the player.
  • Big Spender: During a buy round, the player randomly drops cheap weapons like the Mp9 or Nova to mess up their economy.
  • No Spray 4 U: While spraying with a gun, there’s a 50% chance to drop all the weapons in the player’s inventory.
  • Invert Mouse: Whenever the cheater aims down a scope (like the AWP or the SSG), his mouse gets inverted.
  • Violence Speed Momentum: The cheater gets 100 sensitivity and starts jumping randomly for a few seconds.
  • ButterFingers:  The cheater drops his weapon whenever he tries to shoot.
  • Do You Even Aim Bro: When the cheater aims towards an enemy, the crosshair is randomly shifted away from the enemy and has to be manually dragged back, making it much more difficult to land a shot.
  • BloodBrothers: Whenever the crosshair of the cheater is on a teammate, the gun which the cheater has equipped starts shooting automatically.
  • Tripwires: Tripwires are scattered at various locations of the maps. When the player steps on a tripwire, a random punishment is activated.

Just by reading the punishment names and descriptions, you can probably guess how difficult it must be for the cheaters when they play a game with this cheat enabled. What’s even more interesting is that the cheat automatically sends the replays of the matches to ScriptKid, who shared a compilation of the cheaters having a hard time through his YouTube video and it’s certain to give you a bunch of good laughs at the unfortunate cheaters.

Photo: ScriptKid

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