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CSGO Source 2 Is Reportedly Cancelled

Looks like CSGO won't be getting the engine upgrade anytime soon.

Since late 2019, speculations started to surface about the oncoming of the Source 2 engine to CSGO. Leaks from various sources claimed that the Source 2 implementation to CSGO was already in progress and might hit the game before mid-2020.

The hype peaked at around April-May of 2020, where a leak from VNN Tyler claimed that the Source 2 engine for CSGO is ready to be dispatched. He also set a date for the release, which was May 18th, but the release didn’t occur back then. Now, another leak from VNN Tyler reveals that the CSGO devs might cancel the engine upgrade for CSGO entirely.

The Source 2 upgrade for CSGO would feature not only upgraded graphics, but also a whole lot of new stuff for players to enjoy. The most notable aspect of the upgrade would be the changes in the community map creation, which would be a lot easier and more convenient, and would consequently result in better quality and more optimized custom maps.

However, according to VNN Tyler, the devs are cancelling the upgrade primarily due to the difficulty in porting the vast number of community content to the new engine.

“They’re not going to do it,” Tyler says during his Twitch stream. “It’s not that they can’t port the game, it’s they can’t port the community content.” He further mentioned that Valve has no plan or means to allow the “massive backlog” of community created CSGO content.

The good news Tyler also hinted towards is that there lies a possibility of the port coming in the distant future. He said, regarding the port of the community content to Source 2, “Now if they ever figure that out, then it’ll happen. But as of now, not happening.”

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