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PUBG to release cross-platform play for console players

In a boost to console players of the famous Battle Royale game PUBG, the developers announced that they would gradually roll out cross platform play after the launch of Season 4.

While the full support for cross platform does not come out till October, players will be able to experience it first hand on their test servers in September.

Once the cross platform servers go live, it would mean that players will be able to get matched much faster as both XBOX One and PS4 users would be matched concurrently, something that has been heavily requested by the community.

Another major announcement has been the earlier content releases for consoles. While updates will still be applied to the PC version first, the consoles will receive their updates within 2 weeks.

Season 4 is slated to go live on August 27, with updates to the design of Erangel and a new battle pass called Survivor Pass, which will contain missions every week to earn Erangel themed rewards.


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