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PUBG Mobile update 0.14.5 to roll out soon

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Tencent recently released a massive update (0.14.0) for PUBG Mobile and it brought huge gameplay changes and bug fixes. It seems like it wasn’t enough as Tencent is back with another big update for the game which is rumoured to bring a new game mode and flying helicopters. Update 0.14.5 is expected to come around anytime between 9th to 12th September and much has already been leaked about what this update brings to the table.

Royale Pass 9

With this update, season 8 comes to an end as season 9 commences alongside a new royale pass. “Warriors Unite” is the rumoured theme name for this season and like every season, it will have 100 RP rewards. The Royale Pass will bring along a crazy set of skins, a few of which are The Observer Set, Infected Grizzly M249, The Observer Cover, Infected Grizzly Dacia, Draconian Champion set and weapons. We can also expect some avatar frames and other essentials like helmets, parachute bags, emotes and much more.

New Mode

Mr. Ghost Gaming, PUBG Mobile’s primary data miner has shown us leaks of grounded helicopters in certain loading screens but now it seems that these helicopters will be usable as weaponized transport. Gameplay from the Chinese Beta version shows that these helicopters will require fuel like any other vehicle, giving the players an unfair advantage. But they will certainly be easy to take down with the new homing missile launcher which is rumoured to make its way to the game. Notably, the ability to fly helicopters will be available in a special heavy weapons mode. The Chinese beta also seems to have the BRDM amphibious vehicle which can work both on land as well as water. There are rumours of new loot crates which will remain underground unless players meet certain conditions, and will reveal themselves by rising to the surface to provide the players with grenade launchers, RPG’s and Miniguns. The highly anticipated Deagle pistol is expected to be introduced in this update.

Check out this video for more information regarding 0.14.5

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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