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PUBG Mobile is infamous for its bugs and glitches that are frequently seen throughout the game. PUBG Mobile players are facing a login issue while opting to log-in through their linked Facebook ID. Here is all the information about this error and how you can possibly resolve it.

PUBG Mobile players that logged out of their accounts could not log in back with their linked Facebook accounts. Whenever a player tries to do so, a message stating “Server Authentication Error. Login Failed” keeps popping up. The error message has led to panic in the community while some are misled to thinking that their accounts are unlinked from the social media platform. The account unlink issue was persistent during the last update and was fixed and hence players should not worry about losing their PUBG Mobile accounts.

While the error message keeps popping up, if you still want to play PUBG Mobile, you can do so by just logging in with your Google Play ID. What this means is that the authentication error is only persistent for the logins via Facebook, and G-Play accounts are still accessible.

The players who did not log out from the PUBG Mobile client need not worry about anything as the issue is only for those who are opting to log in, and not for the accounts that are already logged in. If you still face any issue, opt the other way to login via Google play ID and you are good to go.

For those who have only linked their account to Facebook, they will have to wait until PUBG solves this issue. The PUBG officials have already acknowledged the issue and are working for a possible fix that may arrive in the next few hours.

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