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PUBG Mobile has won over millions across the globe and has received immense popularity. After its PC version, this game also has a lite version for lower-end devices and today we will discuss how to set up payments to buy cosmetics in this game.

Right from the launch of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds(PUBG) on PC, it became the face of battle-royale games throughout the world. After the game’s success, its mobile version came into the market and took everybody by storm. It was so much popular that the game decided to launch a Lite version of PUBG Mobile for the lower end devices which turned out to be a fruitful business.

PUBG Mobile lite also becomes quite famous and with the same core of PUBG, the game has its own unique line of cosmetics that include weapon skins and outfits. To buy then, you need to possess the Battle Cash(BC) which is basically the in-game currency for PUBG Mobile Lite. Here are several ways through which you can buy BC for PUBG Mobile Lite.

Google Payment method:

The most trusted and legit way to recharge is to do it through Google Play and the game itself. It is very easy to do and you can do it in-game without the hassles to go to any other websites.

Steps to buy BC using this method:

  • Open PUBG Mobile Lite and click on the plus sign provided next to the BC symbol.
  • Select the bundle you want to buy and head to the payment getaway.
  • Pay through viable options. Once payment is completed, you will instantly receive the currency in your accounts.


This is a voucher top-up website which is pretty popular in mobile gamers. You can buy in-game currency for various games from this website and sometimes, you may even receive rewards on certain bundles.

Steps to buy BC using Midasbuy:

  • Visit the Midasbuy website and select your region.
  • Enter your player ID. It is available on the upper side when you visit your profile.
  • Select the method of payment and the bundle of your choice.
  • After payment is completed, you will receive BC on your ID via inbox.


SEA Games Market is another famous place where you can top-up BC very easily. It is fairly similar to Midasbuy and essentially works in a similar manner.

Steps to buy BC from SEAGM:

  • Visit SEAGM and select the specific top-up bundle.
  • Enter your player ID. It is available on the upper side when you visit your profile.
  • Click on “Buy Now” and pay using suitable methods. You will receive BC once the recharge is successful.

Here are all the ways through which you can buy BC. It is important to note that Talkesport has not verified the third-party payment methods hence it is recommended to use the Google Payment method and try other mentioned methods on your own risk.

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