NOVA Esports, the well-known name in Mobile E-sports industry, officially announced acquisition of Chinese PUBG Mobile team X-Quest F. 

There were rumours on the acquisition of a Chinese PUBG Mobile Team when NOVA Esports tweeted about confirming a slot in PeaceKeeper Elite League 2020 Season 2. The team was announced some hours after they posted this tweet.

NOVA Esports is very well known name in many mobile titles as their proudly showcase their victories on Global stage in games like Brawl Stars, Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. This Hong-Kong based company acquiring a successful PUBG Mobile lineup grants them a chance to compete for another title on the global scale.

The China region is one of the hardest regions in the PUBG Mobile competitive scenario. The esports scene has flourished because of the tough competition and has given rise to some of the best teams of PUBG Mobile in the world. 

Team X-Quest F is considered as one of the best, because of their consistent performance in Chinese region and on the World stage. This team was the winner of PEC 2019, and runner ups in many Major tournaments like PMCO-Spring Split China, PMCO-Spring Split Global Finals, Peacekeeper Elite League 2019 and 2020.

NOVA Esports is expanding on a global scale in different titles. A North-American team which was also playing under X-Quest Gaming also comes under their acquisition. Now these two lineups will play under NOVA Esports tag. They also recently partnered with an Indian organization named GodLike and entered in the Indian PUBG Mobile community.

The newly acquired lineup will have Paraboy, Coolboy, Jimmy and Order competing in China and EZ, HZL, AZ, Xifan and Starlight playing in NA region.

The team has prodigies as Paraboy and Coolboy who have already gained respect and success in global level. This acquisition will be an interesting thing to watch on how the team will evolve with the new changes.