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New CSGO update introduces ‘Trusted Mode’ which automatically blocks major streaming softwares

After the initial implementation of the new ‘Trusted Mode’ beta branch in the last CSGO update, the July 8th update finally brought the Trusted Mode to the main game. However, it appears like the problems which this new anti-cheat system was facing in the beta is still prevalent, as gamers across social media platforms have already started questioning this new form of anti-cheat about its effectiveness and the false positives it has been triggering.

The Trusted Mode was expected to curb the cheater count in the shooter by restricting a significant number of third-party programs to interact with the game. The details of the update can be read on the official CSGO blog.

The new anti-cheat system has reportedly already been bypassed by cheaters in only under a few hours of its release.

Furthermore, it has been cashing unnecessary problems for streamers and other players who use various softwares to record gameplay because major third-party streaming softwares like OBS has been blacklisted by this new anti-cheat.

What adds more to the concerns is that people across Reddit are complaining that the Trusted Mode also takes a toll on the FPS count of CSGO. This Reddit thread specifically mentions how the update causes the FPS to drop occasionally when a player swipes his mouse.

A potential temporary fix to this problem is adding the “-untrusted” mode to the launch options to start the game in untrusted mode. However, this step will not only decrease your Trust Factor, but will also render you unable to join any VAC secured servers.

It’s very likely that the CSGO devs will ship out an update soon to address the issues, and possibly find a workaround for the unwanted problems the update has been causing.

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