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PUBG Mobile hits $1 Billion in lifetime sales

2019 has been a magical year for PUBG Mobile owing to the monetization in China which in turn led to big numbers on the stat sheet. The game now has over $1 Billion in revenue through global player spending resulting in a 540% growth compared to the previous year. A detailed study by Sensor Tower revealed these numbers and it is inevitable to notice the very strong sales growth of the game in 2019. PUBG Mobile is a free to play game across all Play stores so most of its revenue comes from players spending real money to buy an in-game currency which they can use on skins and battle passes.

Adding to that, this year Tencent released Game for Peace in China when the Chinese freeze on game licenses finally came to an end providing them with a large market. Sensor Tower reckons that in August, 40 percent of revenues were generated by the global release PUBG Mobile although the majority of the player spending come from China through Game for Peace.

PUBG Mobile has over 400 million downloads making it the first battle royale game to hit the $1 Billion mark owing to the large amount of players who are actively playing this game. The closest battle royale game to this mind blowing statistic is Netease’s Knives Out with an estimated revenue of $820 million. Ranking at the third spot is Fortnite with revenue of approximated $750 million while it is yet to be launched in China. Garena’s Free Fire, which is also regarded as a brilliant battle royale title currently sits at $525 million with a growing esports scene and increasing number of downloads.

It is easy to conclude that PUBG Mobile has established supremacy when it comes to mobile gaming and the growth seems never-ending as Tencent continues to aggressively update the game giving the players something new to log in for, every time.

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