PUBG Mobile brings new changes to Cheer Park mode

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PUBG Mobile has brought new changes to the Cheer Park in the version update. New features have been introduced in this mode with the addition of new racing gameplay, new interactive items in the environment, and much more. The new update in the cheer park will have plenty of fun playing themed modes. Read our complete article to know the detailed features that will be available in Cheer Park.

I: New Racing Gameplay

The players could play Duo races to experience the thrill and excitement of racing in the game. First, go to Cheer Park and tap the racing icon in the upper left corner to enter the Circuit lobby. Start the race after selecting the vehicle you want to compete with the other players.

The players could choose the mode of the race; solo or duo and whether they want the race to be for 1 or 2 laps. Now, enter the Circuit lobby after making the selection to join an existing team. If there are no existing teams, you can also create a new team and wait for other players to join.

II: New Interactive Items in the Environment

The new racing gameplay also comes with new interactive items in the environment. It will give players the opportunity to enjoy the environment of the game to its fullest.

1: Hoverboard Platforms

There are many Hoverboard Platforms in the Cheer Park. Characters will be able to fly quickly for a period of time after approaching these platforms, which makes them more convenient than walking. The players could change the direction of movement of the hoverboard.

2: Viewing Platforms

Players will also get the Viewing Platforms. These viewing platforms will help your character to reach anywhere in the battlegrounds in a short span of time.

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