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Valorant Mobile gameplay footage leaked; release speculated

Valorant Mobile is now making headlines as the first look of this new game was recently leaked on Twitter. The first closed testing has reportedly started in China and now, the first gameplay footage of Valorant Mobile is also leaked. Check out how Valorant will feel on mobile screens.

Riot Game has capitalized on the success of their FPS title called Valorant and quickly ventured into mobile gaming market to announce Valorant Mobile. This game will bring the exact feel of Valorant on mobile devices and looking at the leaked clip, the future of this game looks promising.

The gameplay footage was recently leaked by a game dataminer called PlayerIGN. In this footage, the player shows different agents available in-game and after selecting Jett, they entered the map of Ascent. The matchmaking screen is different than Valorant but similar to many other mobile games.


After entering the match, the UI and HUD layout customization option was showcased. Valorant Mobile supports HUD customization and players can adjust the buttons as per their convenience. The clip ended with Jett trying to kill enemy Pheonix and also dashing in the process.

Valorant Mobile has almost every feature that is available in Valorant but it could be difficult for players to adapt to it as number of buttons are more than any other first-person shooter mobile game.


Along with the gameplay footage, PlayerIGN also reposted a thread while speculating the release date for first beta release of Valorant Mobile. According to that, Valorant Mobile could be released in the month of June. This date is purely speculative and an official announcement is not made yet.

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