New Valorant Trick Prevents Players From Defusing the Spike on Icebox

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Valorant fans have discovered a new trick on the newly revamped map Icebox that renders the Spike impossible to defuse for the Defenders. While it’s unclear if this is an intended trick or a glitch, it can still be used in any Icebox game as long as you have a Sage in your lineup.

The B-site on Icebox isn’t the easiest bombsite to take for the Attacking side, but once you have control of the site, this plant can easily ensure you a round win in the right circumstances.

The trick works by planting the Spike on top of the bridge by standing at the corner and aiming inwards, which is then followed by a Sage wall at the edge of the bridge to make the spike impossible to defuse without breaking both the Sage walls, as long as they don’t come from the kitchen.

You can take a look at the clip in action below:

Players have already started reporting this plant in the Valorant subreddit. If this is indeed an unintended bug, it’s highly likely that it will be patched out by the developers within the next few days.

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