PUBG Mobile bans 1.4 million accounts in one week

PUBG Mobile bans over 1.4 million accounts and devices for exploiting their anti-cheat system.

PUBG Mobile Anticheat Ban
PUBG Mobile has banned a lot of cheats this week.

PUBG Mobile revealed a big progress in their anti-cheat program. The officials have revealed that they have banned over 1.4 million accounts in the period of seven days.

PUBG Mobile made the anti-cheating announcement on several social media platforms and the numbers are huge for the timeframe of seven days. From 27th November to 3rd December, PUBG Mobile has banned a total of 1,450,234 accounts.

The numbers are frankly astonishing. PUBG Mobile is a massively popular game across the world, especially in Asia where mobile gaming is a significantly larger industry than in the West, but banning over two million accounts in a week seems incredible.

Unsurprisingly the most common cheats used in PUBG mobile relate to being able to see enemies and auto-aiming at them. The announcement post for the bans revealed that 24% of cheaters were banned for x-ray vision cheats and 26% were banned for auto-aim cheats.

Both of these types of cheats will obviously offer a massive advantage, but they can at times be hard to spot. Someone with x-ray vision could have heard you moving and know where you are, or figured out your location in another way.

And someone with auto-aim could just have incredible reactions and skill. Sometimes they can be obvious to spot, but a lot of the time it isn’t totally clear, which perhaps suggests why they are the most popular types of cheats.

The bans are distributed into several categories as follows:

  • X-Ray Vision – Cheaters who used stuff like wall-hack or any other cheat that allows them to spot enemies from a long distance. 24% were banned for using this.
  • Auto-Aim Hacks – The name says it all. The infamous hack was used by 26% of total banned players.
  • Speed Hacks – If you have ever spotted a Flash in-game, they were one of the speedhackers. 19% were banned for using this hack.
  • Modification of Parameters: Area Damage modifications led to 13% bans and modified character models led to 1% of bans.
  • Others – Exploiting the game in any other way possible. 17% were banned for using this.
Photo via: PUBG Mobile