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COD Mobile Season 13 leaks: New Map, Guns & More

Leaks for COD Mobile Season 13 are here spoiling new maps and weapons for us.

New Weapon leaks in COD Mobile Season 13:

Two new guns in MP7 and Peacekeeper will be introduced as a part of Season 13. Both guns are different from each other as Peacekeeper is an Assault Rifle and MP7 remains an SMG. The Peacekeeper assault rifle is brought over from COD Black Ops 4.

It boasts high damage with a fast fire rate ideally for close to mid-range, although the gun is no slouch in terms of accuracy. MP7 on the other hand is an SMG designed for close-range fights. Hailing from COD Modern Warfare, the gun has a high rate of fire combined with high damage per bullet.

COD Mobile Season 13 Leaks New Gun: Peacekeeper - zilliongamer
COD Mobile Season 13 Leaks New Gun: MP7 - zilliongamer

New Maps:

Raid Holiday from COD Mobile Season 13 is set to make a comeback into the game. But all eyes are set on the fan favorite Nuketown is also set to make a return. Nuketown is not the colourful Nuke testing site anymore, rather it has been given a theme aligned with the winter season. Nuketown snow will be carried over from Black Ops 4 to CODM for Season 13.

COD Mobile Season 13 Leaks New Map: Nuketown - Snow - zilliongamer
COD Mobile Season 13 Leaks New Map: Raid - Holiday - zilliongamer

Every leak so far is hinting towards these two maps and weapons, more information will come to light after the game drops Season 13. Until the update actually drops, this is all we got to work with. We hope more exciting and fresh content are introduced along with Season 13.

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