This month’s Prime Gaming skin in Apex Legends is for Lifeline, the combat medic with healing abilities to aid her team in battle and keep them alive in firefights. The Pastel Dreams skin will be available in the game from today till November 17th.

To get your hands on the new cosmetic, you need to link your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts with your EA account. In case you don’t have Amazon Prime, you need to purchase a subscription to obtain the skin. The first month is absolutely free so you can get your first skin without spending any money.

Featuring a mix of many colors including yellow, cyan, pink, black, and white, the Pastel Dreams skin is something that Lifeline mains wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Till October 20th, if you get yourself a Prime Gaming subscription, you’ll be able to get two skins instead of one. Other than Pastel Dreams, you’ll also get Bloodhound’s Will of the Allfather which is an amazing skin itself.

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