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Pokimane thinks marketing strategies are unnecessary on Twitch

Top streamers often go to lengths in terms of marketing strategy to expand their fan base which the platform’s biggest female streamer Anys ‘Pokimane’ Imane finds “unnecessary” and “greedy”.

Pokimane is one of the most viewed streamers on Twitch, only falling short against some of the biggest names in the industry. She has been dwelling in the industry for years and has been through all the possible struggles that a streamer faces when starting out. Twitch has been dominating the live streaming industry for years and an established streamer has little to worry about their future.

“People who have like 50k subs and they’re saying ‘let’s get to 51k!’ all the time ⁠— and I hate telling people what to do ⁠— but I find that off-putting,” said Pokimane.

“You make so much money… you must be very, very well aware doing that is such an easy and clear marketing tactic to convince people to give you even more money. That’s crazy. Is that really necessary? It’s just really not!”

One can assume where she is coming from, given subs are not free so asking for subs translates to begging for money one way or the other. For this instance, she has called out Twitch streamer who already has a base to build from. Having 50K subs means that the streamer is going uphill more often than not which makes the begging unnecessary altogether.

Before anyone could criticize her for judging lesser-known YouTubers from a position of power, she reminded everyone about the time she was down in student debt but still would beg for money, proving she has her moral compass straight.

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