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LadyHope banned for reading out a hate mail

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Prominent GTA RP streamer LadyHope has been banned from Twitch for reading out a hate mail from an eccentric xQc fan on the live stream.

The NoPixel GTA server is no stranger to drama given that it houses the top and notable streamers across Twitch and beyond. Any tussle was kept at bay with strict rules laid down by admins and moderators but they are often broken. Former Overwatch pro xQc is arguably the biggest name on the server and naturally boasts a huge fan base who are willing to go against anyone that messes with him.

LadyHope’s RP character arrested xQc’s anti-social one in the server and it did not sit right with the latter’s fans. After the arrest, Hope was subjected to multiple death threats and hate mails, and reading them on during live stream resulted in her getting banned from the platform.

xQc believes that the arrest was unreasonable given the fact that no evidence indicated him as the perpetrator and the witness cannot confirm it was him fleeing the crime scene. His fans were of the same opinion thus they went on to spread hate against LadyHope.

“I got suspended for reading out a hate speech email that was emailed and aimed at me…. due to me reading this out, and the clip that was taken without context, I was suspended due to ‘Violent Hate Speech.” said LadyHope. She also confirmed that she is working with Twitch to resolve the issue given that the clip was blown out of proportion and the ban was unjust.

xQc fans going beyond his control to spread hate could give rise to more such issues in the future thus the community humble pleads him to keep a tab on his fans.

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