Pokimane is still looking for an apology from Ninja and Jessica Blevins

pokimane vs ninja

Pokimane accused Ninja of helping Jidion ‘hate raid’ her which Ninja and his wife Jessica Blevins answered back by threatening a defamation lawsuit.

Jidion hate-raided Pokimane where his viewers flooded her chat and spammed “L+Ratio” to pester her. The “hate raid” ended up in Jidion getting banned for 14 days which was later converted into a permanent ban.

Pokimane in her stream shared some harsh opinions about Ninja, where she called him out for casually referring to female streamers as “bitches” and tried using his Twitch connections to help Jidion evade a ban after the latter harassed Pokimane.

“(JiDion) was faster to apologize to me than Ninja and Jessica Blevins,” Pokimane said with a laugh but she may have to let it go given Jessica Blevins will most likely step down as Ninja’s manager in coming days.

“We are considering everything defamation of character at this point,” “You are spewing lies to tens of thousands of people,” said Jessica Blevins.

Following the drama, Pokimane conceded that Ninja may have pretended to text given she was no way to prove otherwise.

With Jessica stepping down and Ninja not remotely accepting what Pokimane has accused him of, she might never get the apology she was looking for.

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