Free Fire Faded Wheel: How to get Halo of Music emote

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Free Fire has added a new spin event to its luck royale section. This event is known as ‘Faded Wheel’ event in Free Fire and it is very similar to the spin events which have popped up in the past. In this event, players have a chance to unlock the first-ever musical emote called ‘Halo of Music’.

A spin event in Free Fire is basically a normal spin in which players need to spend diamonds to rotate the wheel or indicator. When the pointer stops at a certain location, that reward is unlocked permanently. This is purely based on luck and one can not directly designate the number of spins required to unlock a special reward.

Free Fire is well known to add a lot of interesting content to the game and they have added music to an emote this time. Players are trying to unlock it and they can follow the steps given below to do so. Remember that unlocking this emote will require a large number of diamonds.


It is very easy to unlock this emote and it is pretty much self-explanatory but you can follow the steps given below to draw this set in-game:

  • Launch Free Fire and go to ‘Luck Royale’ section.
  • Go to the ‘Faded Wheel’ tab and then click on spin.
  • Continue to do so until you unlock this set.

The spin starts at 19 diamonds and the price rises with each try up to a maximum of 499 diamonds for a spin. If you are lucky enough, you can unlock the set in the first few tries but ultimately, you can unlock it at the very last spin for a total cost of over 1100 diamonds.

Other rewards that are available in this spin event are as follows:

  • Halo of Music emote
  • Burning Rays (Shoes)
  • M4A1 – Pink Laminate Weapon Loot Crate
  • 1x Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Legend of Swords Parachute
  • Flames Enchanted Bundle
  • Burning Rays (Top)
  • Burning Rays (Bottom)
  • 1x Cube Fragment
  • Kpop Stardom Weapon Loot Crate

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